Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Out of curiousity, I watched Goldfinger the other night. Was Sean Connery really all that suave and cool as James Bond? Was James Bond really the ultimate spy?
Take a look at this "spy" coming out of the water with a fake duck strapped to his head:

The answer to the questions above is a resounding NO. Is the duck really necessary? How does a duck add points to stealthiness?!? All this in the opening sequence. I wasn't impressed.

Another thing that really surprised me, was how absolutely predatory Bond is when it came to women! Holy crap! There's a scene where Pussy Galore (yes, you read right, Pussy Galore), refuses Bond's advances, and fights back. What does Bond do? He throws her down in the hay, rolls ontop of her, pins her arms down and forcefully kisses her into submission. You can almost hear Pussy Galore thinking, "Gawd, it's easier just to let him have his way with me".

Any guy who comments back with, "That's what all girls want," is going to get their asses kicked :P

What the hell happened to no means no?!? That's a clear case of sexual harrassment if you ask me. Definitely think the scriptwriter should be shot. At the very least, he should be shot in the crotch for coming up with the name Pussy Galore :P

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Mike said...

That's what all girls want


reenie said...

That's a can of whoop-ass coming your way when Babsy gets home!!!

Anonymous said...

try watching goldmember!

millimilli said...

but he wears the duck with such sartorial elegance!

reenie said...

For a minute there, I thought someone was making a bad pr0n pun with Goldmember... Then I looked it up and it's actually Austin Powers :P