Friday, January 04, 2008

Saving my pennies

(It was even raining today)

In May 2006, U&W gave me a cute little puggy bank. Since then, I've been saving up all my pennies. Yes, I live in a country that still believes in copper.

So I hauled my joyous bounty to the bank today to cash in... Only to find out that the bank won't accept my bounty unless I'd "made it up" into little plastic baggies worth one quid each. Wtf? Have I been sucked back into a time where machines don't exist? Yes, I live in a country that ignores technology and insists on meaningless manual labour. Surely, banks have machines by now that can count change?

So I hauled my bounty to a cafe and ordered a latte as I started the tedious process of counting my pennies.

This little puggy weighed down my handbag. I think I could've smacked a real pug on the head with it and caused some serious damage. There must be at least 10 squids worth of pennies in there!

Errr, make that 2 squids and approx 60 pence :( My latte bill came up to £1.95. So I dumped two plastic baggies worth of pennies on the counter and left the cafe *grin*

U&W - I hope you're reading this. You need to get me a bigger puggy bank! This one is only good for one coffee :)


Mike said...

You should have taken them into tescos or sainsburys. They have funky machines that you can feed your pennies in and they will convert them into exciting (useful) coins

reenie said...

My mind continues to boggle that a supermarket has counting machines and a hoooge global bank like HSBC doesn't...

niffs said...

Someone at work told me that the HSBC near my work has a counting machine where you can chuck in your spare change. I assume it either gives you bigger coins or puts it into your account, not sure!

p.s. nice pic Mike :p