Tuesday, January 01, 2008

An experiment (Part I)

Home from the pub by 10:30pm and not really ars3d to do anything for NYE. Still recovering from Boxing Day in Liverpud, the thought of spending NYE in a club made my soul cringe. I'd make an effort if there was a DJ I liked playing, but they're all either in Goa or Australia at the moment :P I started to wonder if I could finish a bottle of wine by myself. All I needed was a bit of encouragement.

00:36 on gmail chat
me: should i start drinking too? i have a lot of wine
adf: yep
me: okies.
adf: drink wine!

And there it was - encouragement :)

me: i'll go get the bottle.

So here's the log of events I typed up,
with some post-analysis comments inbetween, as I drank, watched District B13 again, and chatted to some Aussies online.

00:40 open wine
00:49 second glass
Personally, I think that's impressive. My first glass of red was finished in 9 minutes! I'm pretty sure I was thinking, "Hey, this isn't bad. Nice wine. I could drink this bottle easy".

01:35 third glass
02:28 forth
By this stage, I'd wasted whatever credit I had left on my mobile making "I LOOOOVE YOOOOU!" calls to Australia. I was even obnoxiously sending my love online to people, "are you there blaaane? I LOOOOOVE YOU BLAAAANE!"
To justify myself, I truly believe there's not enough love in this world and people should tell their loved ones how they feel more often :P

Y* - It's probably a good thing you left chat when you did ;)

I remember thinking that the fourth glass of wine was quite hard going. I was gulping it down by this stage, trying hard to complete my mission. I also had the munchies and had knocked back six chocolates.

02:32 piz
Aaah yes. Piz. By "piz", I actually meant, "pix". This is when I thought it'd be fun to use Photobooth. I've made the shots into motivational posters :P

1. I have bloodshot eyes :( You know, there's always extreme pressure to do something on NYE for no reason. Everyone stresses about what to do, and everything's expensive. Isn't it just another day?

2. Nice ladies don't give people the finger.

3. I sent this pic to CC, the lurvely girl from work who gave me the bottle of wine. I also sent it to the PA, and the project manager. They're going to think I'm nuts.

4. I think I hit the record button and fell off the bed :(

03:11 end of bootle
i dodn't know what number

Yup yup, the bottle is finally empty. I think I'm up to glass number five, but it didn't really matter by this stage. I'd restarted District B13 again because man, David Belle is so BUFF in it.

03:42 give up
I pause B13. I close my eyes.

4:\07 2 tylenol, 2 vitamin supplements, porcelain hugging. hot shower. bed
The darkness starts to spin. That awkward feeling starts creeping up my gullet. I stumble to the kitchen for some tylenol. I end up in the bathroom. It's all good. No red stains anywhere. I just wished someone was around to hold my hair up :P

So there you go. It _is_ possible for me to finish a bottle of red on my own. It _isn't_ possible for me to hold a bottle of red down. I'm actually surprised at how hard it was for me to finish a bottle. 3 hours!! I didn't have a headache the next morning, but I did feel like crap :P Which was easily fixed by some dim sum with Niffies. Aaah grease...

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niffs said...

whoa.... wasted....


I can barely get through a glass of *good* wine. I do like my port but if I tried to drink a bottle of that, I'll probably end up in a coma :p