Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cuban wildlife (cubana una)

I'm back! With a weird tan, but a tan nonetheless. An impressive tan for Rondon anyway ;) Here's a taster of what's to come in the Cubana series. Believe me, I had plenty time to jot away on my wuvvy iPhone.

One of the best things in Rondon is that roaches don't really exist. Giant rabid rats yes, roaches no. So I almost screamed when I walked into the bathroom of my casa particular and saw this:

It was freaking HUUUGE. It made me soo paranoid, I kept poking my head out of the shower to check out where it was in the bathroom. Normally I'm not squeamish, but I just couldn't get the courage to do the Old-Wrap-In-Toilet-Paper-And-Flush-It trick with this guy. Especially since toilet paper doesn't really flush in Cuban toilets. Nothing creepier than sitting on the bowl and having a roach crawl up your buttocks *shudder* So I locked it into the bathroom for the night :P

Next up, we have the Cuban delicacy - Frito Fly *grin*

I uncovered the fly riiiight at the bottom of my pile of patatas fritas. I guess it's no worse than having my food handscooped when I was in Bolivia :)

Cuban food has been hit and miss. Lots of very ordinary rice and beans with chicken. Some extraordinary beef (ropa vieja), and even a sumptuous feast prepared on a farm by a 60 year old grandma who looked like she could wrestle a 300 pound sow.

All I can say is, I was shocked my tummy survived unscathed! I've even been regular like clockwork, which didn't happen to me in Morocco or Japan. Must be M-San jinxing me both those times ;)


rarara said...

Welcome back (to the otherside of the ocean)! Will we be hearing and seeing more photos on Cuba?! Thats my next destination on choice and would love to hear more!!

reenie said...

*grin* Will defo be writing more up. Just give me time, I've got 300+ photos of Cuba :)

Anonymous said...

yes - welcome back reenie :) did you know that flies are rich in protein he he sounds like you had a lovely time...xx ystar

millimilli said...

Luck is important! (and don't blame me!)

millimilli said...

Oh, and I woulda killed all the roaches for you :) it's part of my job description at home.