Thursday, May 07, 2009

The streets of Habana Vieja (cubana dos)

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... ring aloud with cries of, "Chee-na! Chee-na-Chee-na! Cheeee-na!!!!"


Each cry gets louder with each step I take, as each guy (only once from a girl) assumes I'm deaf for ignoring him. As I wander through the poorly lit streets of Old Habana back to my casa particular, Cuban guys whisper seedy nothings to me as they pass by. Seriously, you'd think a city with a Chinatown would be more used to the sight of an oriental? (-_-) I'm even impressed they could tell I'm oriental with my giant sunnies on

The funny thing about Habana is, my life couldn't be safer here. Violent crime is low and everyone is just curious. They're just curious in the wrong way. Mixed with bad street lighting, an almost slum-like atmosphere (2.7 houses collapse every few days), blatant stares and kissy kissy sounds, I can't help but clutch onto my bag for dear life.

I thought Cuba would transport me back to a frozen time. It's true what you hear about Cubans driving around in huge American Chevys and Buicks. Also Soviet Ladas *grin* What I didn't expect were the regular Japanese cars too. Hyundai, Toyota, Kia, Mitsubishi, Mercs and Audis, all here. It's an odd mix.

The more days I spent in Habana, the more I felt confused about whether what I was seeing was real...

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