Thursday, May 28, 2009

@$*# hippies!!

I guess I should've read through the website more thoroughly... Because I sure wasn't expecting a HIPPY COMMUNE :P

I don't know, you tell me.
Does this (from the website):

Look like this (IRL)?

I guess, what I'm shitty about is that I paid a LOT of money and was totally unprepared for:
:: The lack of meat in my meals (I guess, one solar panel is not enough to justify a fridge);
:: The freaking cold showers;
:: The lack of heating in my tipi;
:: The holes in my tipi;
:: The freaking mossie invasion (I suspect because there's a pool of stagnant water closeby);
:: The numerous bugs in my bed when I woke up;
:: The freezing temperatures (lucky I brought my thermals, because those ended up as pajamas every night);
:: The beach that wasn't on my doorstep;
:: The lazyass surf instructor.

I wouldn't be so upset if I hadn't paid _so_much_squiddies_ for the experience. Where the f*ck did my squiddies go?

Even more upsetting to me is - at the time, I was reading about Fidel roughing it out in the jungles and sugar cane fields with his compaƱeros. He was a leader who would never ask more than he could give, from his team. Whilst me, the rest of the group and the
hippies (aka WWOOF'ers *blah*) were roughing it out in this valley in the middle of nowhere, the creator of this "retreat" was living it up in a civilised town. That's right, he wasn't living by his creed. He had internets :P This picture of him here, that's *definitely* NOT what he looks like now :P

Commendable aspects:
:: The eco toilet was suprisingly clean, albeit out in the open. I just had to remember to mark every bowel movement.
:: The Anusara yoga was awesome :) I never slept in because I wanted to make it to yoga in the mornings.

Oh, the surfing. No, I didn't stand up. I was too busy trying to paddle out!!! It was really nice to finally see an European beach with surf though :) I loved it, so didn't really care that I couldn't surf because I was still out in the turbulent waters. Finally!

Btw, Faro is the City of Geriatrics. I have never been on an Easyjet flight filled with OLD people before. All jostling to get onto the plane first. It's bizarre. I imagine this is where European grannies and gramps go "out to pasture".

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millimilli said...

A few years ago, I went to Earth Hour to laugh at the dirty shoeless hippies. Those dirty dirty hippies.