Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Do you remember"

Me: "... your first time?"
All: "Yes."
Me: "How old were you?"
Him 1: "17"
Him 2: "16"
Him 3: "13"
Me: "WTF, 13?!? How did you know where to put it?"
Him 3: "What do you mean? I still don't know where to put it"

I can understand for girls, it's easy. I *can't* understand for guys. It's dangly, it's out there, it flip flops around, sometimes, from what I see, you guys don't even have control of it. Behave, we're in public! ("Won't someone think of the children?" ;) ) If I pwn'd something like that, I wouldn't know what the hell to do with it.

How on earth do you live with something which just points when it wants to?!?

Tonight's funny thing is, the surprised looks when I wore this:


I don't think the girls with the surprised looks realised that I only wore heels because I thought that's what they were going to be wearing... Personally, I don't think the guys I met tonight cared 2p what was on my feet ;)

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Kev said...

As a long time friend Reenie, I'm impressed with your heels! :)