Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"The One Day..."

It's The One Day that I decide not to put my contacts in.
It's the same day that I walk straight onto a film location and only notice the giant camera infront of me when it's a couple of meters away. I shrug, go for my caffeine hit and walk back to my gym.

Right outside my gym, everyone is crowding around looking at the filming going on.

Me: "Anyone famous?"
Gym Receptionist: "Apparently, Colin Farrell!"
Me: *starstruck gasp* "Where?!? Where?!?"
GR: "Just on the street, behind that car."

I spot a man in a blue suit walking up the street. I do my best squint. I peer. It could be Colin Farrell... Or it could just be a blurry extra in a blurry blue suit :P

It's the same day that I was late for the gym and didn't pack my camera in the bag like I usual do these days.


I'll file this away with other like-postings in my mind:
:: The One Day I didn't shave my armpits and then went arms-in-the-air-dancing.
:: The One Day I didn't bother to check myself before leaving the house and then bumped into a good-looking guy.
:: The One Day I decided to skip on "pruning hedges" and... HAH! Not telling, get back to work ;)

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