Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too soft-hearted

It was a sweltering high of 24 degrees today... You think I'm kidding, but for real! It was a proper Engrish Summer day :) Clear skies, heat, and a nice reminder of how good England can feel when it behaves. It's a day when I didn't want to go underground, and spent an hour walking to my destination instead. When I got there, we plonked ourselves down by the side of the Thames and ordered something refreshingly COLD. For me a rose.

I watch as a bright yellow bee buzzes around my giant glass. Oh dear. I'm too sweaty and lethargic to swat it away.

Surely, it's not a bad way to go... An alcoholic's dream. Besides, it was asking for it. All the space in the world to fly around in, and it chose my glass. The buzzing stops as the bee inevitably sinks into my rose.

Aaah bugger.
I lazily pick up the glass and pour it out on the pavement.
The bee lives to see another sweltering, Engrish Summer day!

My friend looks at me like I'm crazy (fair enough, he bought my drink!).
I still believe in karma. I still believe that one day, I'm going to be stuck in a very dumb situation and I'm hoping I get mysteriously bailed out too. Let's just call this paying it forward.

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