Friday, August 07, 2009

Hot geeks

I was talking to S the other day, and she mentioned that she's not into geeks. They're just not hot enough *grin*

WELL... On my quest to find something to do with my time the other day, I stumbled across this MAKE video:

Besides the fact that these guys are hilarious, Joe Grand (on the left) is pretty cute :)

There's always David Heinemeier Hansson too. The Google-O'Reilly Hacker of the Year for 2005 :) Also Wired's Hottest Hacker on earth *grin*

To be honest, I find the geeky guys more interesting than the other types of stereotype guys. Smarter than the average bear, and always up for some fun. I think a lot of their attitude comes from their unwillingness to leave childhood behind *grin* Always with the latest toys, gadgets, video games, comics... Hrm, ok, maybe I have a thing for geeks because I like playing with their possessions :P See, I don't just go for looks, I go for material things too ;)


Beckster said...

And here I was thinking you were shallow and just all about looks! Sorry :)

reenie said...

Give me time to work on my shallowness... I'll base my criteria on 100% good-looks eventually ;)