Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wi-fi&Coffee sniffer

If that was a profession, I'd be r0ckstar at it.

Mm, one good thing about having soo much time on my hands is that I can now tell you where to go in central Rondon for:
:: Good coffee
:: Wi-fi, portugese tarts and coffee
:: Almond croissant, Belgian hazelnut spread and wi-fi
:: Cocktails and wi-fi
:: More good coffee
:: Wi-fi and a nice park bench
:: Extra-hot burritos (num numm numm) and coffee
:: Cakes and coffee
:: Wi-fi and tea
:: Wi-fi and falafel

I can even tell you where to stand at Broadway Markets so you can get a Wi-fi signal. This is what happens when you own an iPhone that doesn't have 3G ;)

Or more accurately, this is what happens when you're addicted to email and can't resist knowing if people love you enough to email within the hour or two you've been away from your pooter *ahem*

Special mention to The Espresso Room :) Greeeat coffee, and Ben, the guy who runs it geeked out over explaining how he made my coffee. It's been a long while since I spoke to anyone that passionate about what they do... It's a nice change :) Hrm, he's probably also the only one who didn't balk at my, "You need to invest in a slave-munkey to do your dirty work" idea... There you go -
:: Good coffee and sense of humour.

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