Saturday, February 03, 2007

#1: Paul van Dyk

To be honest, I didn't enjoy the night. Firstly, I've never had to turn up at a club at 1030pm and wait approximately 4 hours for a DJ before. Why turn up so early? Because the club was intending to squish as many humanoids into the small space as possible, and this was their way of making sure members got in before the plebs. Secondly, too many retards. I've always been clubbing for the music. It's too hard to enjoy the music when people are constantly stepping on my feet. Or I'm too squished in to dance. Or at my height, all I see infront of me is some guy's beefcake back. Or I'm always on the lookout for flying elbows and retards with lit cigarettes. It's really really disappointing when I hear a tune I love being played but... just can't dance or enjoy it properly. Great to see PvD... But, I think I'll avoid the big gigs at Turnmills from now on. It's just too hard.

Why did I go? You know who you are :P I paid the price. Today, my mucous has transformed from yellow to green and I've lost my voice.
Here's the obligatory DJ pic :) Looks like PvD's balding tho!!!


Anonymous said...

don't all cute guys turn bald?


reenie said...

Only the cute Dutch ones ;)