Thursday, April 05, 2007

Aussify'ing meself

If there's one thing I really love about Sydnery, it's the cafe culture. Every cafe is unique, and Starbucks doesn't even feature on the list of options for "where to go". How was my day today? I started off with a mocha from Toby's Estate cafe, went to the gym for a run (I ran!!), and had brunch at a trendy Surry Hills cafe with my fave Muffin:

All before 12pm! Gawd, I love being able to sit outdoors in a cafe... My day's not over yet. I was dropped off at Coogee beach to catch some rays. I need a tan before the wedding! I didn't stay long though. It was a bit too windy to lie around in a bikini all day. But mate, look at this, it's SAND at a BEACH. Not pebbles!

The hardest thing for me so far, is the commuting between Blacktown and the City. I spend a shiteload of time and money on public transport here. As much as I love my parents and Chubbs:

...I can't imagine living in Blacktown again. This is one skanky neighbourhood. And oh, what's Australia without a few scary household spiders??

Mum found this fella in our living room. I can almost hear B scream :)

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