Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Last post from Sydnery

I landed in Rondon exactly one year ago today. It was chilly, I caught a minicab and B met me at Daz's door. It was the start of my new life.

What a distant memory.

Coming back to my old life has been strange. Whilst it's been great catching up with mates over lunches, dinners, coffees and cocktails, Sydnery, no longer feels like home. Ruh roh. I'm not saying Rondon's where I belong, but it's a bit disconcerting having no ties to anywhere. My parents will always be here for me, but I'm definitely not ready to move back yet. Good thing my visa was extended :P

A part of me wants to move on from Rondon, another part of me thinks I haven't given it a decent chance yet. Let's see how the Summer goes and I'll do a review at the end of it. Ibiza here I come! :)

To all my Sydnery friends, thanks for being there :) It's meant a lot to me that you've made time to see me. And to feed me *grin*

To Craig S & Daniel G - sorry I didn't get to meet up with you guys. But there was never any confirmation on your part!! Hopefully see you in Rondon instead.


PeeDz said...

Glad to see you made it home Reenstie! *Big hugz*

JookBoy said...

You just need to go to Amsterdam more :)