Sunday, April 22, 2007

Looking "American"

While I was in Sydnery, Abercrombie & Fitch opened its Rondon flagship store on Saville Row. Saville Row! Wah. That's where the sugar daddies go to get their tailored suits. I'm talking, this is where you go to buy suits that start at a minimum of 2000 squids! Anyways, I visited the A&F store with T&D on Saturday. I was met at the entrance by a very buff, very topless, "clean-cut American" looking guy. Cue old lady next to me saying to her friend, "OH, I just found you your birthday present!"


Beside the very buff beefcake, stood a very skinny, blonde young thing. It didn't take me long to notice that most of the service girls in the store are very skinny, blonde young things. Well, it didn't take me long to notice once my eyes had adjusted to the darkness of the barely lit store. This store would make a great club. Personally, I found it frustrating that I could barely see the clothes. Once I started browsing, I noticed that clothes started at size 00. Size 00? I can see where this is going... So I tried on a size Medium singlet top, and lo-and-behold - I looked and felt like a heifer in it. Aaah, I guess I'm just not supermodel enough to wear these clothes. Well, it's a good thing, cause I can't afford these clothes anyway. It's 50 squids for a pair of cotton short shorts! This doesn't stop people from forming a massive line at change rooms or the cash counter. Believe me, A&F are easily making their rent on Saville Row. I sat outside the store and people watched for awhile. I saw husbands/bfs/fathers in BMWs/Mercs dropping off their wives/gfs/daughters outside the entrance. Oriental tourists have also jumped on the A&F brand wagon.

The thing that astonished me the most is how A&F are promoting their all-American-wholesome-look. I really do wish I had my camera on me. I'd never seen so many good looking sales people in one store before. Hrm, make that good looking and white sales people. According to this article, the sales team earns a miserly GBP$6.50 per hour. Wow, for that rate, I think I'll stick with non-glam IT job and my cheapie Threadless tshirts.

(I ripped this picture from the article mentioned above)


Anonymous said...

Those dudes look plastic.

Damn your viral marketing, I just ordered 2 shirts from threadless.

Great to catch up with you in Sydnery btw :p

reenie said...

Check out my latest purchase from Threadless *grin* I love it!

mushiejc said...

hey i went the same day as you (just abit later) and all my greeting men were fully clothed!

Did you go to the second level where all the sales assistants were hanging around looking over the balcony - now that was very club like!

And i was too scared to walk too fast incase i tripped over something cause i couldn't see a thing in there.

No abercrombie for me while in UK - polo shirts were outrageously priced at 50/60 pounds! - i'll save it for the states thanks.

reenie said...

The guys were a little too beefcakey for me. Not nice at all. Apparently they get an extra quid an hour for being topless.

Did you notice that the clothes upstairs were the same as the clothes downstairs? I liked their bikinis, but... 70 squids for not much material, I couldn't do it. Pricing in the UK is pretty much twice what A&F are charging in the US.