Friday, April 20, 2007


So, curious to know how many places on my Sydnery "Must Eat" list I managed to cross off? :)

Degustation @ Becasse with C (we scored free dessert! w00t!)
Ring Burner @ Burgerfuel with A&P
Vincisgrassi @ Buzo with Dave
Abalone @ Golden Century with my parents
Unagi Zara @ Ichiban with da gals and Shuai
Thai @ Sumalee with Yin*
Degustation @ Yoshii with C

Not bad. Also managed to fit in:
Pasta @ Alfredo's with da gals
Hotpot @ Masuya with KC
Brunch @ random cafe with KY
Laksa @ Malay Chinese Takeaway with Yin*

Best Meal: Yoshii degustation. Japanese Somen with Black Truffle - G.A.W.D. My eyeballs rolled back into my head. And the Steamed Kurobuta Pork Belly... to die for. Seriously the best pork dish I've eaten in a looong time. In fact, I can't remember a better tasting pork dish. Yoshii has definitely up'ed the standards when it comes to food. This was the meal that reminded me how happy good food could make me feel. Thanks C :)
I'd forgotten how huge Burgerfuel burgers are:

And I finished it all!!! Couldn't let the Altiris-now-Symantec boyz show me up *grin* Doofers are like the best invention ever.

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mushiejc said...

Yoshii was one of our last meals our last trip back to Sydney (good food month specials too). The wagu beef with red and white miso on top was heaven.