Thursday, May 01, 2008

F*cked up

Next Tuesday, I'll be starting work on a new project back at my previous workplace. Yay!

I am now required to provide character references for the past five years of my career. Five years. Wtf? What I don't get is why I'm required to provide any character references this time round since I've already worked there. What I don't get is why I can't provide referees from my last project. People that I have worked with who are from that same company.
You know who can vouch for me? The company's Global Head of L&D in Human Resources. HUMAN RESOURCES. However, that apparently doesn't count for anything.

Bl00dy Engrish and their obsession with paperwork.

You know what's worse? This week, I decided to clear out my old documents. So written references I had from IBM, GT and SIFT -> rip rip rip -> They're currently lying in pieces in my trashcan. My thinking was, "Man, surely I won't need these Australian ones anymore. They're pretty outdated."

How wrong I was. I'm almost tempted to sticky tape them back together again and hand them in to the manager, just to make a freaking point. Five years ago! Different country! Ask your own people what I'm like! Get over it!

Poop. Fck it, I have time, let's bring out the sticky tape.

Edited 11:18AM:
I just remembered, I hate jigsaw puzzles :( Rummaging through my trash, I'm grateful I haven't had a snotty nose the past few days.


Secretary said...

want a written reference?

Kev said...

Looks like you're trying to make a ransom note.