Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New law

Recently, I've noticed that the number of "friends" I have in facebook has crept up to the 100 mark. Do I _really_ have that many friends? Are these people _really_ my friends? Would these people be at my funeral? Morbid, but hey, it's a test of sorts.

In fact, I'm downright puzzled as to why some of these people are even bothering to add me as their "friend". They don't even bother to contact me in any way once I've confirmed them. No writing on my wall, no personal messages. So what's the point? So tonight, I'm freaking doing a cull. As mean as it sounds, I think it's stupid to pretend to be friends with someone you're obviously not friends with, just for the sake of being "polite".

I'm capping my number of friends to 100. As much as I'd like to think I'm Ms Popularity, I don't believe that I have that many true friends IRL. If you haven't spoken to me lately, if I don't have the occasional ketchup session with you, if you don't contact me in some way within 10 days of adding me to facebook, YOU'RE GONE. Don't get me wrong, my profile's as public as can be. Feel free to stalk me and find out what I've been up to. However, it really doesn't bother me if that "pretend friend" disappears into oblivion again. I never knew about their life pre-facebook, I don't need to know about it post-facebook.

Oh, here's an example. Not that I hold a grudge or anything, however, here's someone that added me today:

Who is he? Approximately 10 years ago (*yikes*), I thought this guy was hot. Eurasian (who said I don't date yellow? :P)! I asked him to be my date (as a friend) to the university ball that year. He accepted, and he made my night an absolute HELL. He could've said no, I would've rather had gone without a date than go through a miserable night of him looking downright unhappy to be there. You know what the first thing he said to me was? "I didn't actually want to come". Second thing? "I was going to buy a new jacket, but my friend told me it was a bad idea". Oh yeah. Great start. I couldn't wait till he left. From that moment on, I had nothing to do with him.

Now he wants to be friends with me on facebook?!? How did he even find me??

One good thing came out of it. I learnt never to fall for a guy just cause of the way he looks :P Let the culling begin!


Andre said...

Oh god.... I haven't heard from you in ages.... Am I getting culled? *freaks out*

reenie said...

I chatted to you three days ago!!

Andre said...

See! That's a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

ha ha - ive been culling as well!

have you ever heard of the bus analogy? You're the driver of the bus - some friends (ie. for life) get seats - others are standing room only, sometimes they get on, other times they get off (or are kicked off)

there's only so much room on the bus - get off :)

x ystar

reenie said...

I'm installing seatbelts on your seat, Y*. You're not getting off that easily ;)