Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I almost burst into tears

Tonight I had my first one-on-one dinner with a workmate. He found out what I wanted for dinner and then ordered for me. Without any prompting. I swear, my eyes just welled up. I could've sobbed deliriously...

Nothing to do with the pre-dinner half bottle of white.

You know, it just made me happy to know that there are well-mannered guys out there :D Say what you will about feminism and men being from Mars and women being from Venus; personally, I still love the feeling of being looked after.
And now, a badger badger badger conspiracy picture:

I've been dying to post that one up for awhile :)


Ed Stephens said...

Reenie, there are decent men out there, all you have to do is bag the gender on your blog and one appears ;-)

reenie said...

All the decent men out there are MARRIED, innit? ;)