Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The nerd bus

Its funny, last week, I was literally on a bus filled with nerds. For some reason, all the tech companies in the UK are based out in Woop Woop. The only way to get there is by a courtesy shuttle bus. The nerd bus stops at Oracle Park and Microsoft Campus. Hence, I was on a bus filled with nerds. The bus even had wi-fi *lol* I was definitely checking my RSS feeds on the bus :) I tell ya though, after three days at an Oracle workshop, I was dying to cry out, "can someone on this freaking bus please explain to me wtf an Oracle Learning Environment is?"

I guess there was a time when I was in university that I revered Microsoft. It's odd that I wouldn't take a job with them now though. Having spent a couple of hours the other night formatting a friend's 70 page document, I can honestly say I've lost faith in Microsoft products. Don't even get me started on how shithouse Vista is, comparative to Leopard. Wonder if that's how I'll feel about Google one day...

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