Saturday, June 13, 2009

4am: Lightbox

One of those nights... We did our research. We headed out. We almost got separated at Baker Street. *Someone* doesn't take the chance as the tube doors slam shut. I raced on ahead, making it a close call as the doors swoosh close behind me. Luckily, the conductor takes pity on B and reopens the doors just for her *grin* Slowass! ;)

We ended up at the front door of Ghost. It was deadly quiet. Not a beat or soul in sight. Doors shut tight. Wtf? Ironically, it's the most appropriately named bar-slash-club.

Well then. All dressed up. Needs _somewhere_ to go.

Next on the list, Lightbox in Vauxhall. Beating the midnight tube curfew, we hop on a carriage and head to Bandit Country (South of the River).

It's actually a pretty cool venue :) The entire room is decked out in LED lights. Pity about the music...

I think, we're just happy to have made it somewhere tonight :) Even if it did take an hour and a half and a giant circle to get there *grin*

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