Saturday, June 13, 2009

Head in the clouds

Otherwise known as "hangover". I hit the booze hard last night to make the music bearable *grin* Unfortunately, it means I wake up today with my brain refusing to communicate with the rest of me.

In my foggy headspace, I wander over to La Fromagerie to pick up some truffle brie for tonight's wine tasting. Still unable to shake the fog off, I head over to Flatwhite and bunk myself on the bench outside for some people watching.
I'm sitting at a dingy sidestreet, surrounded by horrendous Engrish architecture.

This is great! :) The sun's out, the backstreet's buzzy with the masses. I unplug myself and listen for once. I listen to the eastern European couple argue. I listen to those beside me marvel over how good a flatwhite is. I giggle at the camp guy who squeals exactly like I would, when a young girl collides into him. I sit and watch the free fashion show provided by chic Engrish trendoid youths walking past. I could never pull off what they wear. I wish I could :)

With the headfog finally lifting, I heave myself off the bench and head for the tube before the truffle brie goes rank in the sun. Rondon has one more surprise for me today. Don't look too closely *grin*


Dalibor said...

Not the Germans again!!!!

reenie said...

Can't escape them ;)