Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New York in stereo

I'm walking in the rain with my hoodie up. I'm surprisingly used to rain now :) Tiesto plugged in, deep beats playing as I run across giant wet streets.

"Wasted all this time, searching...
Brought me to my knees..."

10am, sitting on a bench outside Balthazar waiting for the girls. The Ting Tings rocking through me.

"Folks got high at a quarter to five,
Don't you feel you're growing up undone!
...Imagine all the girls - ah ah ah aaah ah ah ah!"

Catching the metro downtown with PvD and a perfectly timed track.

"I watch the sky turn black to blush,
Head still spinning from the rush,
Of all the things I did the night before...
And looking down from my hotel,
These dawn lits streets begin to fill,
With memories of you and I...
On a New York City night..."

I like this. It's like I'm watching New York as a 24/7 movie. The personal soundtrack puts an even bigger smile on my face. Suddenly being unemployed isn't such a bad thing. Not when I get the rare chance to ketchup with those I hearts. Lots of giggling, lots of cocktails and beers, hotdogs in a phonebooth bar, taxidermied animals, peeking through holes in fences, *squeealing* out loud Bon Jovi lyrics somewhere on Avenue C... It's just me being... happy (^_^)

Gracias especiales:
:: AdF, PdF & SH for the birthday flight over :D
:: Pepper Pants *grin*, Tocca, SM & H for the good times. Again! Again! :D *MUAH*


Beckster said...

I totally, totally *heart* you. Even when I sat in the cab on the way to the airport at 5am absolutely hating myself, I still heart you.

reenie said...

I got to sleep in *big grin* Aaah, good times :D