Friday, June 26, 2009


Ok, this one's my fault. I kinda knew what to expect. It's my fault for knowing and still going ahead and organising a ketchup session. After all, Self-Absorbed had been hassling me for awhile to get together. That's gotta be a sign that S-A cares about me, right?

Sure enough, as time ticks closer, I get a message to push back dinner by an hour. Just as I'm about to leave the house. Later, as I sit at the bar waiting, S-A is running late (even though S-A is coming from down the road) and calls me 4 times in the space of 15 mins to find out where the restaurant is. I gulp down my drink - because this *always* happens. Even when I email the address, full postcode, and even Google map links - this ALWAYS happens.

Sure enough, the dinner conversation is the same. S-A's stressful job, S-A's disatisfaction with partner's lack of ambitions, S-A's blah blah blah.

S-A: "So where you going after dinner?"
Me: "I'm going to this performance art thing called Shunt. Meant to be really good... Do you go out much these days?"
S-A: "No. You know the project I'd been working on?"
Me: "Yeah..."
S-A: "We won a best project award for it!"
Me: "Ok..." (expecting a good story about Big-Team-Celebratory-Night-Out-At-Cool-Rondon-Joint)
S-A: "It was like an awards night for management consulting. We beat all the other consultants! It's really prestigious blah blah blah!"
Me: "Oh... OH. Well. Done."

I hear a mental click as I realise I'm suppose to give S-A a pat on the back *sigh* Why do I bother... I can't tell, am I suppose to be impressed? Or envious? Do I look like a girl who cares about a consulting awards night? :P It's not to say I don't care about work challenges, but... where the hell was the substance?!? Was it about using available technology innovatively? Nope...

In my mind, as hard as I tried, even with the booze, I couldn't help thinking, "Why do I bother?"


Dalibor said...

there is such thing as "management consulting awards"????? .... who on earth would attend that?

reenie said...

Come on Daliborus, I'd go if there was free food and booze *grin* Remember all those consultant meetings we went to with dance music and open bar? ;)