Saturday, June 27, 2009

My question is:

:: Where the hell are my DJ Gods?
:: Where have all the loved-up clubbers gone?
:: Why am I having such difficulty finding a good venue?
:: Where has the good music gone?

I end up at MoS, one of my least favourite places. I'm overdressed. I'm in my pretty patent heels. No dancing for me tonight. By accident, I look like one of those pretentious twits at a dance club. The ones who I usually snigger at *sigh* What's happened?

It's funny watching couples at MoS dance together. They face each other but they completely avoid eye contact *lol*

I miss Turnmills. Badly.

I left at 1am. M.I.K.E was just boring the shits out of me. Think I'll cheer myself up with a Vivienne Westwood skull ring later today.

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Mike said...

MIKEs can do that ;p