Sunday, May 21, 2006

Borough Markets

This is on my list of must see places while in London. I went for the first time on Saturday.

I tried the pork burger and the chicken burger, but couldn't make myself try the venison burger after I saw this:

I know, I know, there's nothing nice about the way animals are slaughtered for their tasty meat. It's justs a little off putting seeing Bambi without its head or limbs :/

And I really wish I bought some truffle salami now. The sample was soo yummy... The markets were great! There was such a buzzy feel about it, with loads of food to try everywhere. I'm sorry I keep talking about food in my blog, but if I don't eat I tend to get grumpy :P The sight of fresh fruit, veg and quality meat made me happy. Now I know where to go for groceries.


Beckster said...

Reenie your blog is making me reconsider Big Apple plans for Rondon. Serious case of travel envy. Jookboy are you reading this?!

reenie said...

I think every city has its own unique quirks. Who's to say the Big Apple won't be a bigger party town than Rondon? :) The benefits of Rondon are definitely the ease of travel to anywhere and everywhere, and the loads of friends you'll already have here. I still haven't met any Brits yet.

Bosco said...

bambie? do they eat deer?? or wait, venison?

reenie said...

You're catching on Bosco :)

Anonymous said...

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