Friday, May 12, 2006

Ula & Wilco

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Meet my fave Dutch couple :) After being traumatised by wedding dresses and apartment cleaning, I was rewarded with a day trip to Brugge in Belgium for chocolate and mussels!

Congratulations to the kids for their upcoming wedding next year! I'll miss you guys when you leave :( Thanks for always looking after me and taking me around when I visited *knuf* I'll see you soon at Sensation White in July! :D

Handy Dutch words I've picked up over the years:
Lekker kontje - Nice butt
Bitterballen - Dutch meatballs
Kaas - Cheese
Bedankt - Thank you
Helaas pinderkas - What a shame peanut butter
Eet smaglijk - Enjoy your meal


Guest said...

Hi Reenie,

So you didn't like shopping dresses. Then you probably don't mind sending me the wedding dress Ula tried on...

knuf, Wilco.

reenie said...

I did send it to you! I might have censored it a little, but you can guess what it looks like, can't you? ;)

Awww, I really enjoyed shopping for dresses with Ula :) Ula did all the hard work trying on the dresses, I just had to sit back and relax! Was like watching a fashion show!