Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Isn't it beautiful? Copenhagen really reminds me of a cleaner, less seedy version of Amsterdam. No, we didn't see Princess Mary (although we did make effort to find out where she lives - 4km outside of Copenhagen. Far enough to keep the weirdo Aussies from stalking her). Hans Christian Andersen lived along the canal pictured above, to the left :)
Giant ice-cream cones anyone?
No? How about some yummy "roses of the prophet" pastries then? :)
Alright, alright, enough about food. Here's a snapshot of danish attractions:


Anonymous said...


You have a very good eye for a photo my dear :)

Some cracking shots there

reenie said...

-scanning mike's comment for sarcasm-

OMG, it's clean! Mike, that's the first nice thing you've ever said to me :) *hugs*

Wilco said...

For some reason you always mention food in your blog....

reenie said...

Which is bad, because I'm suppose to be losing weight for your wedding!