Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's not all fun and games...

So, today marks my one month anniversary arriving in Rondon. If you've been following my blog, it seems like I've been living the high (or at least, fun) life. Well, there's two sides to every story. Here's what my usual day has been like for the past week and a half:

* Wake up 830-9am.
* Shower, moisturise moisturise moisturise. Aaargh, my skin! I feel like a molting alien. I'm flaking!
* Hop online, search for "london business analyst" on multiple job sites.
* Apply apply apply.
* Wait for a response.
* Answer totally irrelevant phone call from random agent.

Not very exciting, eh? What makes the whole process even more painful is having to deal with recruitment agents. I thought the ones in Sydney were bad, the ones in London seem even worse. I've figured out that the London agents don't really work on Fridays (they're probably at the pub), or on Mondays (they're probably recovering from the weekend). There aren't really any new ads on either of those days. The calls I get are a bit suspicious. The agents take my details (which they should already have based on my applications), then end the conversation with, "I'll pass your cv onto my colleague", or, "There's a few business analyst roles coming up in a couple of weeks, I'll call you back". What's the point? The other day, I was halfway setting up an interview for Friday with one agent, and the line cuts off. Cue screams of, "NOOOoooo, call me back! Call me back!!!" Does the agent call me back?


*Grrrr* All agents have a "Withheld" or "Unknown" number which doesn't show up on caller ID. Convenient eh?

Anyways, I've always wanted to ask my friends (that would be you guys), what job do you think I would be good at? :) Forget IT! Do you think I should be an event organiser? Or a cafe barista? Or a hostess at a fancy restaurant?

It's not all grumpiness from me. I think what makes Rondon more bearable for me atm is the time I get to spend with friends I haven't seen for a long time. Resuming the weekly ketchups I use to have with Babsy and Niffs has cheered me up a lot :) Thanks gals!


Guest said...

Hi Shireen,

Sorry to hear it's so hard to find a job. Maybe you should ask them which bar they go to on Friday and have a drink with them...

cu, Wilco

reenie said...

OR, maybe you should hire me to be your personal assistant! :) You just have to let me stay in your spare room and feed me. I'm very low maintenance.