Thursday, May 11, 2006

Clubbing in Berlin

I love clubbing! I think dancing in clubs is about the only exercise I get these days. Great music provided by Paul van Dyk. Great company provided by B :)

What truly utterly sucks though, no matter where you're clubbing around the globe, are the fcking sweaty idiots who take their tops off. I don't get it. Yes, it's hot, but you don't see me taking my top off and then rubbing my sweat onto other people. Just bumping into those topless idiots is enough to make me shudder. Grrrrrrr... The worst offenders are the steroid injected beefcakes. A curse on those beefcakes! May you get a skin rash which requires you to keep your shirt on! Does any girl out there really fancy those types? Then comes the hairy pot bellied fool who thinks he has the body of a beefcake and follows suit... *Argh* Think of hygiene people!

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