Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bus 98 will be the death of me...

... but more on that later.

I absolutely luuuurve clubbing in London! OMG! It was a fantastic night at Turnmills, listening to Eddie Halliwell. B had the great idea of us becoming Turnmill members. Best 25 quid I've spent soo far! We got there, and were escorted to the head of the line! Everyone in the club was soo unbelievably nice! If people stepped on your foot, they apologised! *Shock* People offered us water! People chatted to me outside while I was waiting for B. I even got a free challenge on an arcade game :) I don't know what it is about clubbing here, but I was just soo pleasantly surprised by how nice people were. You never get the friendly attitude at Sydney clubs :(

I also never got the pick-up lines in Sydney clubs :) Hehe. Maybe because I was always surrounded by three giant Kiwis :) I miss having those boys around me while I dance. So, worse lines for tonite?

"You have some great moves. Are you a student?" - This came from a chubba flailing his glowsticks at me. He also kept yelling in my ear. Very annoying. His, "Are you a student," call confirms my suspicions that I still look 20 though. I think the bouncer at the door couldn't believe my age either, he kept looking at my card.

"How are you doing? I like you" - He was foreign, I think that's all he knew how to say.

So, 4am, we leave the club. Got back to Oxford Street. B and I parted ways. I jumped on the 98 bus. This is the second time I've jumped on this bus. This is also the second time it's taken me the wrong direction!!! *Arrrgh* I think my bus number is actually 94. But for some reason, I just see a "9" and jump on :( Sooo, the bus turned off Bayswater Road, onto Edgeware, I'm thinking, maybe it'll hook back and head towards Notting Hill. Nope. It's at Paddington and heading towards Kilburn!!! So off I get, and walk back towards Bayswater Road. Eventually I tire of it, and catch a black cab back home. It's now 530am. I should've been home ages ago...


Here are some lousy club pix :) It's too dark to take any good ones. Btw, a solution to the nasty topless guy problem! Make the club well ventilated and airconditioned! It was cold enough for everyone to keep their shirts on at Turnmills :D I was very happy about that!

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