Thursday, July 20, 2006

Inside every Fat Person

... is the Skinny Person that got eaten!

Mygawd, I've never seen such a nation of fatties before. I _am_ SCARED. I'm not talking about the Heathrow Injection syndrome. I'm talking about the grossly overweight people I see everywhere in Rondon! Scarily overweight. I think it has to do with the poor quality of produce here. People just don't know how to eat properly, or eat fresh food. So much stuff is pre-packaged. The first time I got a sandwich for lunch, I almost puked because there was sooo much mayo in it. I've avoided sandwiches ever since. On every main street, there's a Pret, an Eat, an Ask, a Pizza Express - all chain stores! Believe it or not, even Wagamama is popular here. I've been so spoilt for choice in Sydney, that I seriously have issues finding something to eat at lunch. It's really not hard to see why there are soo many ginormous people here. I've never worried about gaining 10 dress sizes before... until now. Hrm, think I'll get some weighing scales when B and I move out.

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