Sunday, July 02, 2006


A Sold Out event. When I say "sold out", I'm not referring to how tens of thousands of tickets were sold out in a matter of hours. I'm talking about:
- Charging people 50EU cents for the toilets. What? I paid EU$60 for my ticket! Why do I have to pay for the toilets? At least the toilets stayed clean throughout the night, I guess. And I did manage to get out of paying for the toilets by ignoring the ladies who stood outside demanding money.
- Refusing people to let them keep the water bottles after forking out EU$4. Disgraceful! Events in Netherlands seriously need to re-think the way they do things. Water should be supplied for FREE after you've bought the initial bottle.
- Then there's the blatant marketing worked into the theme of the night. The theme was "Dreams" (well, I think it was, the narrative was pretty irritatingly dumb), and what flashed up on the giant screens was a "dream" of a lady seductively licking a popsicle. Minutes later, people from Streets are selling the same popsicle on the dancefloor.

Pros: Seeing thousands of people in a stadium all dressed in white was amazing. Having space to dance on the dancefloor was wonderful.

Cons: To be honest, I didn't really like the music, or the theme that much. Although the sound system was good, something about it was wrong. All I could hear was the backbeat, and if that's all you hear, it makes the music boring. Then there's the annoying MC dressed as the joker... *UGH* He spoke absolute crap all the way through, and put fish bowls on random people's heads. Gawd, they must've spent a lot of money on the pyrotechnics and didn't have much left for hiring a better MC :P

It was worth going to Sensation just for the experience, but, I don't think I'll be back. Here's a tip for those who want to go next year. If you miss out on a ticket, there are plenty of people with spare tickets outside the stadium on the night. Including myself. I was lucky however, and managed to sell my ticket at cost price. If you're thinking of earning big bucks by selling Sensation tix at inflated prices, don't. There's too much supply and not enough demand for tickets. Here's some pix from the night:

Just outside Amsterdam ArenA

First glimpse inside the stadium... And that's only half of the stadium in the photo!

Topless chick in a bathtub

Dawn in the stadium. If you look closely at the tiny figure in the middle, at the top of the massive podium, that's Ferry Corsten!

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