Saturday, July 22, 2006


It's moving day today. That is, it's 1:30am now, and I'm moving in 7 hours. I'm packing all my stuff up. Holy shit. If only I knew 3 months ago what I'd have to lug with me all over the place (from the West to the East back to the West), I'd left half my stuff in Sydney. 9kgs of singlet tops. No, it's true, I really didn't need to bring that many over. 5kgs would've sufficed. Even if Rondon is experiencing a heatwave. Wtf was I thinking when I bought another singlet top from H&M the other day? I must resist those 5 quid sales!!! If you're moving countries, I also advise you to leave the rice cooker at home. It doesn't matter if your friend's work is shipping things over and you can sneak it in for free. Same goes for the doona/duvet. It's nice to have, but when you're having to lug things around, LEAVE IT IN SYDNEY. *Raaarh*... And if any friend tries to give you helpful things to take with you, REFUSE. Potpurri warmers made out of rice are a nice gesture, but RICE IS HEAVY.

I spy with my little eye, 6 mossies eagerly anticipating the taste of my sweet blood. They're roosting on the ceiling *shudder* And I hear one of them flying around. I'm not going to sleep tonight...


Anonymous said...

you are so lucky already having an appartment to live in. We still need to start searching!

Hope the move went alright.


reenie said...

Yes, but it took 3 months to get an apartment, and I had to sleep in living rooms :) At least you have your own room :)