Saturday, July 15, 2006

Some things I just don't get

Topping my list:
Modern love stories
I really don't understand why this movie was raved about by so many. I've just wasted two hours of Super Mario Brothers Nintendo DS time on watching this movie. Yes, it's a love story, but it's so bland. Do people like it better because Audrey Tautou plays a meaningless part in it and it's in French? What kept me entertained was that part of it was shot in Rondon, so I was always trying to figure out where the locations were (it's like spotting Sydney streets in the Matrix :P). Nothing surprising about the storyline at all.

1) Man turning 30, can't find true love.
2) Sleeps around, finds perfect girl, but then cheats on her with a model *shock*
3) Perfect girl forgives man, the end.

And with those 3 lines folks, I've just ruined the movie for you and saved you some money/bandwidth :P Ugh.

Here's another movie that friends of mine have recommended as a "must watch" (you know who you are ;) ):

*Double UGH* I watched it on the plane mainly because I couldn't sleep and I had already seen Brad Pitt's nekid and buffed torso in Troy 3 times :D Friends who enjoyed Closer, couldn't understand why I hated it so much. The movie was apparently a very *real* representation of what relationships are like in real life o_O Let's not go there. I grinded my teeth in frustration through most of the movie and almost ripped the armrests off the plane in impatience.

Then again, those close to me have called me a Hater of all things *grin* And the same people have frequently mocked my retarded taste for Spaghetti Arms. But I guess, it's like my Wuv Muffin keeps telling me, "Taste is like an a**hole, everyone's got one".

Russian Dolls: 2 stars. Like I said, I could've better spent the time playing Super Mario Bros.


Anonymous said...

Urgh. Closer. I also watched it on the plane, and it was just awful.

I want those two hours of my life that I spent watching this movie BACK!!!


reenie said...

Huzzah! Makes me happy to know I'm not the only one that hated that movie :)