Thursday, July 20, 2006

*Pant* *pant* *pant*... DozZze... Melt...

This heat... It's stifling and killing me. I can't escape it! The tube is the worst. I never understood why people hated the tube so much. That's because, before now, I was always in Rondon as a tourist! I never got onto packed tubes in 30 degree heat! Now every morning, I dread it. No ventilation, no aircon. The evenings are worse, everyone's trying to get home. Everyone squishes onto the tube. No room to move. My friend calls it "smelly armpit time" *yuck*.

You know how it's always freezing in Sydney office environments? How I wish that was the case here... No aircon in my office :( I have a -desk fan-... I'm in a heatwave, and there's no aircon. My lunch breaks are in a park, no aircon. I travel in the tube, no aircon. The only aircon I got today, was at Tesco. I didn't want to leave the refrigerated juice section :( So sad.

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