Thursday, July 13, 2006

"proud owner of napisan"

You might've noticed that on my Gmail status yesterday :) You're probably thinking I'm nuts to get excited about Napisan. As one friend emailed me and said, "I know why I have a big 2kg tub of napisan in my laundry - but I don't think that you'd have a half-dozen wee and poo soaked nappies to wash each day . . . so why the importance of owning napisan?"

WELL, do you know how hard it is to get whites whiter in the UK? No household should be without Napisan! I have a coffee stained cream-coloured hoodie. It's been stained for weeks. I was finally able to soak it in Napisan last night :D Even though 1kg of Napisan set me back 6 squiddies (approx AUD$15), it's bloody worth it.

To all the Aussies out there, who live in Rondon and know where I'm coming from - you can get Napisan from the Australia Shop at Maiden Lane, Covent Gardens. To be honest, I stumbled upon the shop because I was lost trying to get to Longacre Road from Chinatown :P

*reenie hugs her 1kg tub of napisan* ^_^


mushiejc said...

we had the exact same problem! and not only that for some reason our washing machines gives all our whites a nice grey tinge! We bought buckets of napisan our last trip back to oz but suitecase was too heavy to bring it over!

reenie said...

You don't have to lug it over anymore :) You can even buy it online! :D