Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another snowy post

Eventually I'll tire of it, but in the meantime, it's still a novelty :) So I decided to walk to work in the snow (waaaah!) this morning. Then I discovered my beanie with earflaps isn't warm enough. My head started to hurt. I kept going. Then I discovered my gloves weren't warm enough either. My finger started getting cold from holding the umbrella. I stormed on. Then my freshly dry-cleaned TROUSERS started getting wet at the cuffs. Meh. Then my feet started feeling icily soggy. My sneakers were letting in water from the slush!!! That's when I packed it in, and waited for a bus. Brrr... lucky I have my own personal heater at work. I dried out my soggy sneakers and socks with it.

Side note: I walked into the office telling everyone "my pants got wet". Middle-aged men started laughing at me. Never say "pants", that's short for UNDERpants. Dang Engrish.
Here's what Rondon looks like on a normal day. You can even see the Eye:

Here's what Rondon looked like today:

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