Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Valentines Day Msg

HW, this post is dedicated to you...

Guys, I know we chix0rz say that we're not the romantic type and it doesn't really matter. BUT... we're liars! Romance doesn't matter MOST of the time. But trust me when I say that all chix0rz have the same complaint. That guys, just take it for granted and don't make any effort AT ALL. What we want, now and then, we're not asking for all the time (we realise that's an impossibility with the male species), is:
- An organised date.
- A date where the girl doesn't have to think about anything
- The GUY calls for the cab to the restaurant, the waiter, we tell them what we want to eat and YOU order, the choosing of the wine, the calling of the bill, the cab home.... ROMANCE. That's what wining and dining is all about. And you know the "Wine Me, Dine Me" saying, so you get your returns at the end of the night :P
- Special request from a gf: Flowers just because. Not because you've screwed up. Because you're thinking of us and think we deserve flowers sent to work. Of course it makes us look good infront of our colleagues. BUT of course we're bragging about what a great boyfriend we have too! One that thinks of us all the time! Works both ways buddy.

Is it that hard? Do you realise how much effort chix0rz put in to looking fantastic for you?!? I've officially started a survey. Do guys prefer bush or no bush? 100% so far have voted for NO BUSH. Do you realise the pain, humiliation and effort that goes into no bush? It's not like you guys do the same thing for us :P Yet there's more reason for YOU to do it. It makes it look bigger after all :P

To all those guys out there who are "committed". I'm doing you a favour. Your gfs don't mention these facts to you because:
- We WANT YOU to think of the romance idea by yourselves! Otherwise, it's just not romantic if we have to TELL YOU.
- We WANT YOU to show initiative.
- Saying "I love you" is simply superficial. It's an easy escape. The first time is hardest, and means the mostest. But after that? SHOW IT.

Seriously, you should thank me for this :P Follow through and we'll give you what you want.

Errr, if I've offended any chix0rz, sorry :P


Beckster said...


I couldn't have said it better myself. Hear hear and hear again. Can you please send a direct link to your post to JB?! Nice simple directions always go down well with men.

JookBoy said...

Yes, reenie, thanks for the simple directions to the steakandbj site. It's gold!

reenie said...

JB - The steak and BJ only comes after the ROMANCE :P

Beckster - Sorry, I did try, but it looks like JB picked up on the wrong hint *grin*

Anonymous said...

O dear, what's this. Are you trying to promote Valentines day?! This is something created by commerce because otherwise they have nothing to advertise for up until Easter. I rather take my chix0rz (whatever this may mean) out for dinner anytime except Valentines day. Which reminds me I need to make a booking for Friday :-)

reenie said...

Names ppl! If you're commenting on my blog, I want names! :P

Truthfully, the timing is just coincidental. HW just happened to bring up the topic of romance on Friday. I *loooathe* Valentines Day. Usually, I do my best to group friends together and get drunk on that day just to spite all those lovers out there who think they have it all.

Me? Bitter? :P

You might say that you'd rather take your chix0rz out for dinner on any other night, but the question is, _do_ you? Talk is cheap. Action is what we want!

niffs said...

Hello baby, light my fire!