Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It doesn't feel like home yet

It's been 9 months. Long enough to incubate a baby. Surely that's long enough to make myself feel at home? Mmm, not quite. I'm settled (that took 8 months), but Rondon, doesn't feel like home yet. Apart from the odd clothing item and necessities I've had to buy, the only asset I have at the moment is:
*drum roll*
A sieve.

Yup. It cost me 7 squiddies as well! I needed it to strain my chestnut veloute. Anyways,
that's all I own.

Part of the odd feeling comes from this apartment. It's a great place in a great location, but... something's out of place. I guess it's different when you're renting in Rondon. Most places here come furnished. Which is a good thing, as it means I haven't had to spend a squid on furniture or bedding. It's also a bad thing, because it feels like I'm living in a stranger's home. Nothing here is personalised. The ugly pink flowery couch reminds me of that everytime I walk into the living room.

The last time I moved out, I made C get a herb garden (which I promptly killed while he was away), and I got myself a pot plant (which is probably dead by now too). I had a lush red velvety couch. I still miss my futon. We ate out on the balcony on our naff aluminium outdoor furniture. I had a painting T gave me up on the wall. Everything was familiar and I felt at home. To be honest though, this feeling, is also partly my own fault. Having lugged my crap around town about 4 times since I've landed, I'm too scared to buy anything decorative *grin* It's my new minimalist approach. I managed to walk through IKEA for 3 hours without making a single purchase. Apart from Swedish meatballs.

So it got me thinking of what I could add to this place. I was thinking of investing in a nice piece of art... but there are no hooks on my walls :( D'oh.

Speaking of incubating babies, this one is just about ready to pop out :) Meet my future niece/nephew. Due in about 15 days! This was taken about 5 months ago.

Before anyone asks, NO, this isn't cute enough to make me want my own :P


pierre said...

you will be happy to know that the pot plant got left at the last place... sorry

reenie said...

One less thing for you guys to kill, I guess :) I'm still phlegmy Pierre! :P