Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm legal!

TADA! I'm a legal resident till 2011!

Three weeks is a long time to be apart from my passport. That's how long it took the Home Office to process my application from start to finish. Which isn't really that long, it's just painful not having my passport. I've grown really attached to it. Without my passport, I can't plan holidays. I wasn't even sure if I was going to get it back in time for my flight back to Sydney! Funny though, the Home Office is dang fast when it comes to money. They took 335 squids from my account the same day they received my application. That's a 335 squids non-refundable processing fee. That's how much it cost just to assess my paperwork. Wow. No wonder this country loves paperwork.

T was particularly evil. She opened my application and told me I needed to send in more evidence. Which only freaked me out because I had a dream last night that my application had been rejected for the same reason...


Anonymous said...

your hair looks good in the passport photo!!! KEEP IT UP.


Mike said...


Hmmm you sure the girl in the picture is you????

You are now One Of Us

reenie said...

I _do_ look a _little_ pale and pasty in that picture, but that's not reason enough for me qualify as One Of You :P Besides, I'm only legal for 4 more years. After that, it's back to being a Sun-Bronzed Sheila :D