Sunday, February 18, 2007

Golden Piggy

(It's like they ripped off the Cat's head and simply replaced it with a Pig's! If you look closely, the beckoning limb still looks like a cat's claw instead of a pig's hoof)

I headed out to Trafalgar Square to check out the Rondon celebrations... Errr, loads of tourists, some acrobatics and some orientals-ripping-off-tourists stalls *grin* Not much of a Chinese New Year feel *shrug* At least there's _some_ event to mark the occasion.

Apparently this is a very auspicious year for newborn babies. Once every 60 years, the zodiac year of the Pig coincides with the Gold element. Hence, the Golden Piggy! Babies born this year are meant to be blessed with fortune and prosperity. Which explains why women in China were rushing to get laid last year :P

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