Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jesus Camp

I am really really interested to hear what my religious friends have to say about Jesus Camp. Erm, I think I have some religious friends left in my life *grin* Well, at least they're non-invasive about their choices.This documentary, just scares me. If you're looking for a *whisper* torrent, go here. If you don't know what a *whisper* torrent is, go here.

Tell me you don't think it's crazy that kids in America are being told:
- "... summers in the United States over the past few years have been very warm. As a result, global warming must be real. What's wrong with this reasoning?"
- "If you look at creationism, you realise it's the only possible answer to all the questions"
- "Science doesn't prove anything, and it's really interesting when you look at it that way"
- "Let me say something about Harry Potter, warlocks are enemies of god!"
- "The devil goes after the young!"

Errrr.... Oookay. So many things, just _so_ wrong. These kids, are not normal kids. These kids have no soul of their own. These kids, range from about 5 to 12 years old.

Don't get me wrong, everyone needs something to believe in. But I say, let kids be kids and find out for themselves. I was brought up a Buddhist. Sent to a Methodist school. Active participant in ancestor worship. Joined the Good News Bible club. And I still go to the temple with my parents on the rare occasion. Throughout my childhood, my parents let me decide and I turned out fine. Even though I was close to flunking Physics and Chemistry (I was a bad oriental), I'd still take Science anyday over religion. Actually, if there was a pot-smoking, pr0n watching, pleasure giving deity that liked to visit maidens in their sleep - that's the one I'd go for. Did I mention a French accent? I'd go for one with a French accent.

Here's what the really fat lady preacher (what happened to avoiding Gluttony?) prayed for before the camp started:

"In Jesus' name, no microphone problems"

Wtf? How about, in Jesus' name:
- Stop the fcking genocide in Dafur
- Stop the destruction in countries like Iraq and Lebanon
- Stop worldwide hunger, poverty and homelessness
- Find a cure for AIDS and cancer
- Stop Big Brother and Rove from airing ever again

"Microphone problems"?!? Jesus has bigger problems to review if you ask me.

I'm sorry. Watch the documentary. I have to go cleanse myself and perform the ritual of autoeroticism now.

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E.V.E. Secretary said...

Okay, not sure I am still religious but I have been for a long time...Does that qualify?

I think the problem with religion is not the belief its the bigotry of the ministers.
Religion is suppose to be about faith, hope, love…however religions worldwide is turning into hate, suppression and intolerance…I have no issues with kids going to Jesus camps but only if the schmucks running the camp don’t teach them that Islam is evil, Jews are controlling the world, Buddhist are this and that and Hindus are woeful all at the same time sectarian attacks within the church, i.e Anglican, JW, Presbyterian, Orthodox etc…

I say religion philosophy of live and let live should be the only one mandated…Who gives a flaming FC-UK who you believe in or how you choose to demonstrate your faith…Do the right thing because its right. Nothing else needed…