Thursday, March 22, 2007

10 things

With 5 days left till I get on a plane home, it's time to contemplate the past 11 months. It's really easy for me to pick 10 things I hate about Rondon (yeah, I've become a whinging Pom :) ). But what about 10 things I <3 about Rondon? In no particular order:
1. When the tube works, and there isn't a heatwave, and it's not peak hour, I think the tube is awesome. It's fast, and there's always one arriving in 2 minutes. Unless of course you're on the Circle or Northern line, but let's not go there.
2. The Oyster Card r0x0rz. Tap in, tap out. Simple and efficient.
3. Variety!!! Rondon is the first City I've been to where I can walk into 5 different shoe shops and not see the same shoes! There's just soo much variety when it comes to clothes.
4. The squids. Earning squids is nice. I don't make tons, but I make enough to live comfortably and travel on weekends.
5. The travel to Europe is sooo easy. 19 cities in 11 months. 20 if you count Florence this coming weekend :)
6. There is always people around. It's 3am, you're in the city, and it's alive.
7. I absolutely loooove walking around Rondon. I don't mind walking to work. I don't mind walking home from Oxford Circus. I don't mind walking all day. Rondon is such an interesting city to explore.
8. The best roast duck I've ever eaten is here. Four Seasons in Bayswater... But err, yeah, after last weekend, I'm a little ducked out.
9. People watching is so much fun here. Wherever I am, in a tube, in a cafe, on a bus... I start to wonder where these people are from, how they live their lives, why are they in a cafe midweek during the day? At least I'm usually unemployed when that happens :) Everyone always looks different.
10. The cheap-as-chips quality DJs! I think I paid 15 squids to see PvD. But he's been topped by Above & Beyond as my fave DJs :)

Hrm, that was easier than I thought. Maybe Rondon isn't so bad after all...

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I love the Oyster Card. .thats number 1 on my list!

Apparently melbourne is soon getting an Oyster card type system soon.. hopefully sydney will be not far behind!

And number two will be the shoe shops.. i love the shoe shops here, they are so funky. I bought a pair of silver pointy flats last weekend.. Now i just have to wait for the weather to not suck so much to wear them.