Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's begun

I've started to calorie count :( I find myself staring at nutritional info on packaging and trying to work out how many calories I'm going to eat. I've even started avoiding carbs in the evening. Almost everynight is chicken soup night. Do you know how depressing that is for someone who loves food so much? After seeing this tonight, I craaaave french fries. After reading this, I craaaave chicken nuggets. It's also not easy when the entire household eats profiteroles for dessert and I have to resist! It's TORTURE when your flatmate forgets you're not eating sweet stuff, and walks into your room to offer you a plump, creamy leftover profiterole! Are you INSANE, B?!? Speaking of plump and creamy... Beard Papa... Mmmm...

Truth is, I'm not sure if all this exercise and careful eating has made a difference. I'm just worried about fitting into the bridesmaid dress :P The only thing I've noticed, is that my b00bies are shrinking :( Dang it.

You know what I dread hearing at the gym? The instructor shouting, "DOUBLE TIME!" and "HOLD IT IN! ABS ABS ABS!"
Stupid pot belly. Just go away and I'd be happy.


mushiejc said...

what about the funny 'psh psh' noise they also do!

i've realised you cant cut out all naughty stuff or you'll just crave and binge one day!

I couldn't resit went to M&S and bought 2 choc puds and 2 sticky toffee puds and cheese...mmm...

reenie said...

*Aaargh* I hate that noise too, cause it means she wants us to work harder!!! Our instructor's seriously on speed.

I crave, but then I think about all the hard work I've put into the gym. That puts me off it... for like 5 mins! *grin*

I'm getting used to it, I think. Taste something, but don't go out of your way to get it!