Thursday, March 29, 2007

First day back

What's it like? Well, it's... different. Not exactly good, but not exactly bad either. Just different.

For the first time in a year, I caught the train from Blacktown to the City. It was an express train and even then it took about 45 mins. 45 mins is a long time to wait when I'm used to 5 mins on the tube to get to Central Rondon. Looking out windows at suburbia and greenery, that's something else I haven't seen for a year.

Walking around Sydnery, the pace is a lot slower, there's a lot less people, and the thing I noticed is that people just aren't as fashion conscious *grin* Sorry. In Rondon you get all types, in Sydnery, everyone blends into the background.

Even jay-walking confuses me here. I'm so used to lights turning first red, then orange and finally green in Rondon. Orange means I have about 3 seconds to run across the road before cars start moving. Here, I forgot that I have to pay attention to lights facing traffic travelling in the perpendicular direction if I want to cross the road. It was just safer for me to wait for the green man in the end.

Good things? I met up with my brother for a DECENT cucumberless curry laksa lunch :) I had *GREAT* coffee TWICE today, from NON-CHAIN cafes :) And even though it was raining, it was freaking warm enough for me to walk around in a singlet top all day *aaaah* Seriously, 20 degrees feels like Summer to me.

Hrm, my Mum's calling me out to the kitchen for more food. Gotta go, peidaan and pickled ginger await me.


Mike said...


Haha, you have become anglophiled!! One Of Us little reen

reenie said...

Takes more than being a pasty white complexion to be One of You, Mike ;) The day you can claim it, is the day I stop eating laksa!