Monday, March 05, 2007

Giving up

I have given up my morning M&S Madagascan Vanilla Lakemead yoghurt. It's 270 calories. And B keeps reminding me it's not actually yoghurt, but something more sinister called "whipping cream".

I have given up chocolate. Well, I have today anyway. And mochas are an exception to the rule. Thank gawd the Tim Tams are no longer around.

I have given up candy. That starts today too. I must resist those packets of evil gummies that T has brought back from Frankfurt.

I have become a gym class junkie. That's partially Jen's fault. Having a gym buddy makes it a little less painful.
The rest of the blame goes to Ula and Wilco. I must get rid of my pot belly before their wedding! My after work social activities are now sadly Legs Bum Tums, Body Conditioning, Body Pump and Step classes. Ula, Wilco, you might have to sponsor my liposuction if the pot belly is still around when I get back to Sydney *grin* 22 more days...
If you're visiting us, please stop buying candy or chocolate as a gift. It's not helping my pot belly banishment regime...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so if you blame us for your pot belly, who can I blame for it?