Friday, March 09, 2007

Guild Wars

The Beenikster household recently acquired a new house bitch. His name is Warren. This is what he looks like:

L0L!!!!11!!!1! It's Waz's character in Guild Wars. I have to admit, when I saw his character, I questioned Waz's sexuality. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being gay. In fact, if there's a morality issue, I'd be saying spending the majority of your time ignoring your hot gf for Guild Wars is wrong!

Waz, the only raisin you'd be kicking my ass in Guild Wars, is cause I'd be dying of laughter when I saw you *grin* I don't care if this guy only looks like this cause he's got "special armour" on :) Am I suppose to take Man Titties seriously??


Beckster said...

I've always known that Wazza is a bona-fide whiteboy biatch with a deeply feminine side, but those man titties really takes the cake. What was he thinking?!

Reenie you should check out JB's Phaedra. No need to doubt his sexuality there (phew! *wipes brow*). When do we get to see yours?

reenie said...

Ermm... Beckster, hate to break it to you, but JB's other alter-ego (Hot Diggidy) has a pair of purple hot pants in his closet :) Very very... TIGHT purple hot pants *grin*

It makes me wonder, are these beefcakes the type of guys that dorky pale nerds sitting behind pooter screens (I'm looking at you Waz) wish they could be? And are the chicks with giant bouncy polygons the ideal women that these dorky pale nerds (I'm looking at you Scottos) are looking for in reality?

PeeDz said...

Yes reenie, you're absolutely spot on there. Mmm virtua-boobz0rz

reenie said...

Virtua-b00biez don't love you back Peedz :P