Monday, March 26, 2007


Ever since BA left my luggage in Scotland whilst I travelled back to Rondon, and then failed to deliver my luggage (D had to drive me to BA's warehouse to pick it up before my flight), I've had an inherent distrust of airlines. Do I trust checking in my 10 pairs of undies? NO. Having been stranded for days without a fresh pair of undies before, my Bonds babies are coming with me in my handluggage. All 10 pairs of em. So are any gifts that I've bought for my family. And my new stripey singlet top that I haven't had a chance to wear yet.

Okay, so 10 pairs is probably too many to take with me. But I never want to be stuck without undies again. Laugh at me now, but just wait... till it happens... to YOU.

Hrm, I should leave some at home.


Beckster said...

Chickey you can always just bring two pairs, then do the whole "inside out, back-to-front" thing on the other eight days.

Alternatively, bring one pair and then BUY THE REST HERE. They come from the Land of Oz after all. It's been damn rainy and chilly here the last few days, hope it perks up for your visit!

reenie said...

They're like 8 bucks a pair from Myers! Why buy more when I have 10 perfectly good pairs? *grin*

There will be no more mention of rain! I was rained on in Florence, I will not be rained on in Sydney! I've packed my swimmers, dang it. Praying for beach weather...

niffs said...

Nothing wrong with too many Bonds undies, I have plenty in storage for the day I'd need them!! :p