Monday, October 06, 2008

Stop it

It's hard for me to deal with people who have a lot, but still complain. About everything. So after 3 glasses of Rioja, I gave it as I saw it. Not that it sunk through.

* I need a career break
Me: "That's your choice. There is nothing stopping you from taking one. You're leaving the country within a year. It's your choice to work the hours you do. As a project manager, your job is to delegate."

* We're not a bodyshop
Me: "You're kidding me. I've worked for a consultancy. Your company will sell people it doesn't have and train them up in 2 weeks."

* I want a family
Me: "Then move back to Oz. You've been telling me you've wanted to do this for the past 2 years."

* My husband's not ambitious enough
Me: "You've been with him for a decade. Half of that, you weren't married to him. You KNEW what he was like a decade ago. You married him for who he was then. He hasn't changed."

* I want money
Me: "Then contract. You've told me you're here for another year. Why not make the most out of it by contracting if you want money? You've already told me you're not staying with the consultancy for a transfer to Oz."

* I want a holiday, last time, it was 7K pounds for both of us to go to Sth America for a month
Me: "I spent 2 months in Sth America. I was fresh out of university. I wasn't working yet. I still did it. So what are you telling me? I'm not saying you have to backpack, but you've got the money. You earn enough. You have a mortgage and you can still afford 7K. It's called flashpacking. You don't take a backpack, you just take a rolly suitcase :P"

* I want career

Please stop. I'm drinking just to deafen myself.

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